about us

Angelo is the founder of Uh-1 Productions, starting out in 2005 making Vietnam short films, and music videos with his high school friends. With a huge obsession with the military and Uh-1 helicopters, the name Uh-1 Productions was born. Angelo received a degree in Media Studies from the University of San Francisco in 2012. During that time he was able to complete his internship with NBC Bay Area.  Angelo currently works as a video editor & shooter for Team People at Intel Santa Clara. 

In August 2010, Sharyce was brought on board to establish bigger clientele and manage customer needs. Sharyce took interest in photography in early 2011, allowing Uh-1 Productions to expand and offer photography as a new service.  Sharyce currently works as a marketing director in the East Bay. All of her photography knowledge has been self-taught or acquired by collaborations with other local photographers and videographers. Sharyce has been nominated three times for RAW Artists San Jose's top 5 photographers.

Angelo and Sharyce are continuously educating themselves on the latest technology and cutting-edge industry equipment, new editing methods and media production techniques to produce the highest quality work.